Song writing – How to get inspiration for a new song

There are a number of ways you can draw inspiration from different songs, movies, television shows, or any kind of storytelling you want. We will discuss using different tunes as inspiration, here. Begin by listing a few songs with lyrics you love. Think big picture. Consider lyrics that tell a story you like, instead of songs that just have a line or two which you love. It is going to make this exercise easier. It is the message that is important at this time, compared to how it is being said. When you compose your own list, write down as many as you would like. The more big ideas you have, the easier it will be for you to write lyrics of your own. You could also do this with books or movies. If a film has a fantastic story you love, simply write down the most important message, or the general idea.

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We are starting big here and we will drill down more especially as we proceed. When you compose the main message of the song, it will probably be something like being scorned by a lover or heartbreak. Now, that is starting points that have top 10 English Songs. It isn’t stealing; it is just an overall idea. And if you do this with ten to twenty of your favorite songs you are going to have a huge amount of options. We can take this concept even further. We can take one of those tunes from our first list and then write it from a fresh individual’s perspective. So if we return to the instance, we could write a song about the girl who finished it with lo, rather than hearing his side of the story.

When you alter the perspective of the tune and decide who the speaker is going to be, you also have options of changing who you wish to be talking to. This gives you even more choices for your own idea. So perhaps cede lo’s ex is not singing back to lo, but rather to one of her friends. When you look to other tunes or movies, novels, etc for ideas and then begin thinking about alternative perspectives, you will really get some ideas flowing for all of the possible alternatives for what your song can be about. It is pretty cool. Have fun with it.