uses different types of pools for bitcoin mixing

One of the main features that make a top bitcoin tumbling service is the availability of different types of pools that provide users with the highest level of data privacy and transaction safety. That’s why it’s a number one choice today.

The pool types used by the best bitcoin mixer

The concept of mixing bitcoins is all about exchanging your coins with others from another source in the appropriate amount. In other words, this process enables users to keep a high level of data anonymity each time when sending or receiving coins. The main problem is that not all bitcoin mixing services deliver their promises of privacy and safety. is a game-changing platform that makes bitcoin mixing 100% anonymous for all users.


How it works

When using a bitcoin tumbler, you complete the following process:

  • Use make transfers to the service address;
  • io returns transactions from new addresses (they aren’t linked with others);
  • It’s possible to specify multiple return addresses when needed;
  • Transaction delays (up to 24 hours);
  • The use of special codes to prevent any intersection with old addresses to maintain the highest level of anonymity.

Different pool types uses advanced techniques to mix users’ coins and offers low service fees and other innovative features:

  • 5% fees for the Alpha pool;
  • Special codes for Beta and Alpha pools to guarantee that you won’t get back your original coins;
  • The Gamma pool with first-class anonymity, thanks to investors’ coins and private BestMixer reserves.